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Need developers whose code stands up? All our candidates are independently tested for both language skills and coding.

  • Proficient English
  • Skills tested, verified and disclosed.
  • All candidates screened, background checked and references taken.
  • All candidates subject to face to face meetings prior to being put forward.



We have highly qualified developers who are available to work on international projects both on short and long term basis including.

  • Asterisk Telephonic Systems (up to and including call centres)
  • Security Experts
  • Management Consultants and Project Managers
  • Software Developers


Services Include
  • Permanent & contract recruitment
  • Executive leasing
  • Scalable project recruitment
  • Targeted search and select for executive and specialist positions
  • Salary surveying and benchmarking
  • Internal skills benchmarking to ensure best fit
  • Technical & psychometric testing
  • Interview coaching and exit interviewing

Acclaimed as having some of the top developers in the world, there is a reason that HP, IBM, McKinsey, Google, Nokia, LG and a host of other top software companies have established R & D centres in Wroclaw.



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