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Crisis PR

Glascott Dot Com can handle all aspects of crisis PR and damage control for individuals or sizable enterprises.

With the advent of social media, today's news travels ultra fast! The court of public opinion doesn't wait to pass judgment. When a crisis hits, minutes are money. Knowing how to strategically manage your message and mitigate the damage is crucial for survival and prompt recovery.

Glascott Dot Com has the practicable capability to implement crisis management strategies to rectify problematic issues - from rumors to recalls, Glascott Dot Com will respond within minutes on crisis PR issues. A crisis can be a "defining moment" - and for this reason, speed is tempered by an analysis of every possible scenario prior to taking action. In addition, Glascott Dot Com is skilled in managing Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs. When negative stories appear, we can positively impact online reputation, changing and affecting your search results quickly and efficiently.

It is not recommended to wait until you're in a crisis to come up with a crisis plan! Glascott Dot Com can help prepare a plan in advance. Should you need to confidentially discuss crisis communication management, then contact us, preferably before a crisis occurs!