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Cloud Services

Cloud Back-Up

The Cloud Backup Desktop software runs in the background on your PC/server and silently backs up your files while you work, it will remain in ‘system tray’ which is located down by the clock on your PC.

You can instantly tell which files and folders are being backed up by looking for the small green square against your files in Windows. To backup any folder, just right click on it and select 'Backup with Cloud Backup' from the Cloud Backup menu. The contents of the folder will be backed up in the background. Backup will then constantly monitor this folder in future for changes.

Please note: To avoid over usage charges from your ISP, please check your broadband upload allowance and/or proportion your initial transfer over two or three months etc.


Some of the features are:

  • Remote back-up - backup is done off-site
  • Automatic and rapid backup of all files
  • 100% Secure - using military encryption, customer can create password
  • Easy to use access files from mobile devices such as tablets iPhone/Android using backup App
  • 1TB Disk space
  • Easy setup
  • Keeps copies of deleted files (30 days)
  • Access it all from the web
  • PC or MAC
  • Up to 30 versions of any file
  • Easily restore files
  • Right Click to backup any folder
  • Green Dot appears on Backed up folders on PC
  • Choice of Scheduled or Real-time backup
  • Control Panel
  • Can choose not to back up certain extensions eg .exe files
  • Play music files directly on the cloud
  • Edit pictures directly on the cloud
  • Customisable bandwidth usage
  • Wizard feature to easily set up back up of e-mail, contacts, pictures, music, documents etc.
  • Full & free technical support including after-hours and wk ends
  • Compatible with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP and iOS 10 upwards.



Private cloud  (business cloud)

Your own secure corporate cloud!

  • Robust
  • Future proof
  • Secure cloud technology
  • Customised architecture
  • Optimal application
  • Delivery self serve capabilities
  • Agile scaling of resources
  • No longer bound by outdated choices of software and hardware.

If you’d like a tailor-made quote on cloud services, then start by  contacting us.