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Glascott Dot Com has extensive knowledge of cybercrime investigations to offer a wide range of effective solutions for detecting and investigating computer-related incidents especially occurrences associated with the Darknet.

The investigation and consulting services offered are specifically designed and tailored to assist legal professionals, corporations, small businesses and occasionally individuals.

 Investigation and consulting services encompass:

  • Cybercrime investigations
  • Email tracing
  • Password cracking
  • Data recovery
  • Expert witness
  • Online fraud investigations
  • Online Identity theft investigations 
  • Advanced Internet investigations 
  • Data theft investigations 
  • Internet-related harassment investigations
  • Retrieving data from an emptied recycling bin
  • Installation of spying software

Glascott Dot Com helps employers and legal professionals uncover computer-based evidence that is incontestable during litigation, such as helping many employers find the evidence they need to expose computer crime including theft of company confidential data, fraud, harassment, breach of trust and inappropriate computer use in the workplace. 

Recent high profile cases have shown how e-mails or deleted files found as evidence can be the deciding factor in a trial. It can also make the difference in an internal situation where lack of hard evidence prevents an employer from acting, even when he knows an employee is up to no good.

Every action on a computer leaves a trace. The objective of the cybercrime investigation is to dig deep into the lowest level of a computer disk, revealing detailed information of computer activities including deleted work files and emails.