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Private Investigators

Today more than ever, private investigators are faced with the significant challenge of detecting and investigating computer crimes as their expertise is usually in law as opposed to computers. Glascott Dot Com offers extensive computer related investigations and consulting services to Private Investigation agencies nationwide.

The following list of services offered to private investigation agencies is not all inclusive-

  Services Include:
  •   Case review  
  •   Technical assistance  
  •   Aiding the process of any digital crime scene or case  
  •   Assistance with investigations 
Legal Professionals

Often, cases become tangled with technical jargon, hardware discussions, and arguments made to cloud the water with alleged ‘techy’ talk and issues of proper discovery. 

  Services Include:
  •   E-mail tracing,
  •   online fraud
  •   Case review  
  •   Expert witness review and background checks on case by case basis  
  •   Review and translation of computer forensic reports  
  •   Technical question preparation and review for cases
  •   Technical assistance  
  •   Aiding the process of any digital crime scene or case  
  •   Assistance with investigations 
Corporations / Small Businesses

Businesses are increasingly more vulnerable to financial losses as a direct result of computer-related issues involving employees. Did you know that “cyber-slacking” can account for 50% of an employee’s day? In addition, the courts are finding companies responsible for what their employees do on-line.

Common issues include sexual harassment, pornography, abuse of company internet policies, and personal gain being conducted from company computers. In 2014:

  • 80% of companies reported financial losses due to computer breaches  
  • 71% of companies have detected unauthorized access to systems by insiders  
  • 79% had detected employee abuse of internet privileges
Services Include:
  •   Theft of intellectual property
  •   Identifying the perpetrator of website defacement  
  •   Sexual harassment  
  •   Verification of system administrators and their actions  
  •   Establishing electronic policy for day to day operations (such as email and web usage)  
  •   Workplace identity theft  
  •   Monitoring internet usage  
  •   Network intrusion detection  
  •   Surveillance software  
  •   Workplace pornography issues  
  •   Tracing e-mails  
  •   Verification of employees sending trade secrets by email  
  •   Monitoring of illegal internet downloads and uploads  
  •   Monitoring the day to day work of employees on corporate computers  
  •   Encryption and steganography detection in the workplace