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What is involved in cybercrime investigations?
Cybercrime investigations includes the identification, acquisition, examination, analysis and interpretation of electronic data commonly created and used by computers.

What is the purpose of cybercrime investigations?
Cybercrime investigations may be used to support both civil and criminal litigation as well as to enhance overall corporate information technology security. In general, cybercrime investigations provides digital evidence to support allegations of certain activity in which computers are involved.

When might cybercrime investigations be used?
Cybercrime investigations may be used in cases of: unauthorised disclosure or copying of sensitive business data, such as customer databases, price lists and employee payrolls, whether by accident or by intent; fraud and deception; internet abuse by employees including downloading of pornography; industrial espionage by "crackers" and subsequent damage assessment; recovery of data thought to be deleted; revelation of data hidden or included in temporary or swap files; access to encrypted, password-protected data.

Can you recover deleted data from a computer?
Many instances of deleted data can be recovered. The probability of success depends upon the specific circumstances. This includes the type of data, the length of time since its deletion and the activity on the computer since its deletion, among other factors.

In general, full or partial recovery of text data is easier than binary data, such as images. Data deleted in the past few days is easier to recover than data deleted many months ago. Data from a relatively inactive computer which stores little information is easier to recover than data from an actively used system that's approaching its full capacity.

What is the cost of a cybercrime investigation?

The cost of a cybercrime investigation is based upon an hourly rate plus expenses incurred. The total cost will depend upon the complexity of the issues and the time involved. More time is usually required in the analysis and interpretation phase than in the initial acquisition of the data.

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