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Mobile Compliant Websites

In 2021, many website are still not mobile compatible. these websites suffer a high bounce rate  (visitors rarely go beyond the first page and that's f they can find you as Google severely penalises websites that are not mobile compliant by reducing their ranking in their search engine.

Features of Our Mobile Website Design and Development Service

  • Professional layout
  • Adheres to stated Web Standards
  • No visual noise
  • Mobile oriented content placement strategy
  • SEO friendly sites
  • Traffic generating mobile site promotion
  • Effective online marketing


Our Responsive Web Design Technique Adapts to the Layout of the Environment that it is being Viewed On

There are so many devices with different resolutions and sizes. And it is so impossible to create a version for each web resolution. The team chosen will deploy a robust responsive web design technique that allows us to develop an all-inclusive mobile web design that automatically adapts to the environment it is being browsed on.

  • We ensure complete Mobile Web Browser compatibility on all platforms: Android, iOS.
  • We develop an architecture that ensures best user browsing experience, such as pleasing colours, useful information position, minimum scrolls, less typing and more.
  • We make sure the websites are continuously optimised for quick downloading and reloading.


Mobile Development Services

Smart phones today have become an exponential strategy or armour for businesses. The use of smartphones has increased by 40% globally since 2016. That’s an amazing figure! In fact Android, iPhones has completely transformed the way businesses operate in the industry. That said, it has become imperative for organisations to own superior performing mobile application, so that they can put business’ reins in their hands entirely and drive the ROI at a lightning speed.

Quirky, Interactive and Definitely Out-of-the-box Mobile Applications, Mobile Compatible Websites and Mobile UI Designs

Glascott Dot Com can create a team dedicated to mobile application development this team will possess the expertise, experience and technical advantages to analyse your business scope and targeted customers and craft a business-specific custom mobile application that can completely change the way your business works – make it even more streamlined and integrated virtually.

Outsource Mobile Development Services to a Diligent Team

Whether it is an Android mobile application development or an iOS or blackberry, whether it is a simple project or a dynamic UX rich one, our team will back you with tremendous ideas, quality products and a diligent team of developers.