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Remote Full-Time Employees


Companies are only as good as the people who work for them. Unfortunately the big multinationals who can offer share options are getting the cream of the crop of developers - pushing up wages and making it harder to recruit and retain the best staff.



We can create a dedicated remote team of top level developers for you. We get the cream of the crop - since 90% of them don’t want to relocate. We pay them well above the local market rate so our retention rates are high. This allows you to remove the obstacles which are limiting your growth.

We appoint a tech lead who works with you to learn the project. Then we bring them back to Wroclaw in Poland (less than a 3 hour flight away and European capital of culture 2016) and we develop a team for you around that person.


  • We take care of all of the logistics, office space, contracts, tax and compliance.
  • We offer a simple turn key solution delivering you the highest quality, most experienced developers.
  • These are your team.
  • They work exclusively for you.
  • You get one simple invoice.


In essence, we set up a virtual branch of your company in Poland, we provide companies with a risk free option to employ staff in overseas locations quickly, simply and cost effectively. We then act as the intermediary between you (the client) and your international assignees (your employees). We become the employer on record in the host country (Poland) and handle every aspect of all the legal and administrative requirements for employment in Poland. Availing of RFTE has many advantages over using an outsourcing company. These employees will work for you ONLY. There is no better country to have RFTE; as Poland has consistently been recognised for having the world’s leading English speaking developers. On our database, we have access to almost 30,000 of these experienced programmers who wish to work for an international company but do not wish to leave Poland. Therefore, we guarantee the highest calibre of employee to work for just for you. Typically, our candidates have worked for major IT companies based in Wroclaw such as HP, IBM, Google. We understand the IT industry and the only recruitment we do is IT recruitment, therefore, we guarantees to match the most suited candidate to your individual requirements.


The main advantage is the quality of candidate. For about the same costs as employing locally, you will receive a much higher calibre of candidate. Their desire to not relocate is your advantage. There are numerous other advantages of using RFTE, such as, you don’t need to provide benefits or health insurance to remote full-time hires which can save you thousands in compensation and hours of headache. Employees are less likely to leave or be poached by other IT organisations which appears to be a major problem if employees are resident in western countries. We provide remuneration packages in excess of Polish standards, this not only attracts the highest calibre of candidate but employee retention and turnover is rarely an issue.



We can commence working with you immediately and we typically have potential candidates lined up to be interviewed remotely within 7-10 days.



We supply the premises (based in Wroclaw, Poland). Each remote employee has their own workstation, connectivity and access to necessary communication equipment. The only thing you will need to supply is access to collaborative online tools and programs that your team use or any proprietary systems that are relevant to the position.

Employee individual income tax and social security are deducted (withheld) from the gross salary in the monthly payroll process and then paid to the Polish tax authorities as required. These deductions are reported on the employee payslips and their summary reports. We invoice our clients monthly and accept payment in four currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, PLN). In most instances we have to pay the employee in the local currency of the country but our clients understandably wish to be invoiced in their home currency, typically, GBP or EUR.

The client maintains primary responsibility for the employee’s work activity and conduct in the host country, however, as the employer on record, we are directly responsible to the authorities for their employment such as immigration, tax or labour issues related to the employment. We’ll work with you to make sure that you and the employee understand any unique statutory requirements of Polish employment law such as working hour restrictions, annual leave entitlements and so forth.